Are you ready to get Nerdy with me? 
Come see me in person at my LIVE event:  The EnrepreNERDfest!
$997 at the door Just $97 if you buy now!

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Exclusive pre- and post-event online trainings
  • LIVE, real time coaching hot seats
  • Red carpet reception and photo shoot
  • Hands-on implementation time to get the things you learned out of your head and into your business 
  • FREE Makeovers and style consultations
  • First-class catered breakfasts and lunches
  • Your own personal entourage to answer your most burning questions about any and all areas of concern in your business
  • Fully facilitated, introvert-friendly, bestie-building networking activities 
February 27-March 2, 2018
at the Hilton City Center in Salt Lake City, UT
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Brittany Bullen, Head Nerd,

Brittany has helped hundreds of family-first entrepreneurs make money on their own terms by combining their passions with solid business and marketing skills-- WITHOUT going insane in the process.

Whether she's speaking at conferences, publishing books or working with her small army of over 100 freelancers to provide marketing strategy and services for business owners, her mission in life is to help awesome people sell more stuff, serve more people and just plain be happier.